I'll get married! (Nay.....)
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I'm a single In the woman in my late 20s. Many of the workers in the office where I work are single women in their 20s or 30s, so I haven't been thinking in getting married so seriously until now.

But recently two of my intimate friends got married. I thought, "Well, when will I get married?", but I can't imagine myself got married, though I had imagined when I was a child that I would have had a baby at my 30 years old!

If you are a single woman who wants to get married but actually not, let's talk together about what's wrong with us!

Are our standard too high? We start thinking that there are someone better out there when we find something we don't like about our partner.

I don't think standards should be high or low... you just have to find someone you love exactly for the person he is and who feels the same for you. Whenever I tried to change my partner's personality or he did it to me, things always got awful. Just live your life, you'll stumble upon the right one sooner or later ;)
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Pepper McGee
Your standards are not too high. I always thought that too and now I've met the right man after many years of waiting and plan to propose to him soon. You'll know when you've met the right man. Don't let arbitrary goals like "I want to have a baby by 30" flub you up. It'll happen when it's right. ♥
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i think that your standards are too high.
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This post was written with a light heart. I'm not worried about it so seriously. I was just wondered why I'm still single, and I want to talk with girls in a same situation or who had been in a same situation for fun!
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