Your words helped me a lot, guys!
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I'm a single mother with two children, 9 years old and 5 years old.
The other day, I was very tired with work and falling asleep.
And then I heard my children talk
"Our mom is cool. She works very hard and she does house work, too."
Those words helped me a lot.

Do you have any experiences like this? Casual words from others helped you a lot.

I heard my husband tell his friends that he could not believe how calm I was when I was in labor and that it made him feel bad because he complains about every little pain, but he knew that I was in the worst pain of my life without so much as saying a bad word to him. It made me happy that he realized this.
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I heard my brother and boyfriend talking about how I would do great at a certain job coming up because of how sharp I am and good on the computer.
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These words are blessing, there is not such substance or drug which would give you more energy as such words. I think you are good mother and keep doing this. I hope you will soon get job, where you will earn a lot and not be so tired!
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It is always nice to hear positive affirmation about ourselves from others. A few kind words can go a very long way,
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it is blessing to hear such words! i would be very proud in your place.!
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Its great thing to do
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You have cool kids!
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So little things can do so much, really cool
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Coming from kids really means more than any other people
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Once a friend accidentally sent me a message he wanted to send to someone else. They were talking about me and about how cool it was that even tough I'm a girl we are so close friends (they're both males) and we tell each other absolutely everything, never argue and we spend a lot of time together. He also said that those who don't believe in true friendship between a man and a woman should see us, coz I'm his best friend in the world and he loves me as much as his sister. Thad made my day!
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One time, my boss was telling others how good I was in the office and how I was very smart.
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my 5 year old son was tell me " mooma your best thing in world"
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Pepper McGee
I don't have any children but my husband once told me that he appreciated all the work I do to provide for us. It made me feel more energized with work the next day.
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I'm expecting my first, so hopefully soon!
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