A part time worker with a problem
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I am a head of the accounting team and a female full time worker in my early thirties. There is this one part time worker at my office who is having some issues, but not aware of it herself.

It seems like she has something against me, and it is stressing me out. She is in her late 40's and she believes she is good at her job. The way she answers the phone, or other basic skills are good, but she makes a lot of mistakes when it comes to her main job which is to input data. The way she works is slow, and she is not as good as she thinks.

When I point out her mistakes, she says that she didn't use such software at her pervious office, and uses that as an excuse. She shows no signs of listening or correcting her mistake, in fact she gets into a bad mood when I mention about her mistakes, in worst cases she simply ignores me.

I am not sure how to handle her and this situation.

Maybe she didn't learn that and need more training. You can put more time to train her. That could be better.
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I think you should probably take the time to teach her how to use the software properly. Maybe find someone else who's able to teach her, because if she really doesn't likje you she may not take the training seriously, if you are the teacher.
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would be good if you would tach her i think
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Be firm and tell her that she needs to do a better job. You are the Head, she is the part time employee. She takes your orders. Pull rank on her if needed. Age should not be an issue. You are letting her manipulate you. If there is problem with the data input, the higher ups will make you responsible, not her.
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