Should I ask him whether he is going to marry me?
pink punk
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I am forty years old. My boyfriend is the same age. It has been half a year since we started dating. He has never talked about our future together.
I love him very much but am getting worried more and more, imagining that we may break up after a long years of relationship and face a terrible reality then. The thought horrifies me.

I want to mary somebody I love but if he wants to stay single I wonder what I should do. That is my worry.I am thinking to ask him about it when we meet next time but I am nervous about it.I wonder how would you all discuss this kind of subject.

I think you still haven't talked about that because you've only been dating for 6 months. Don't worry about that, he may be feeling the same way as you are, but maybe he wants to wait some more before talking about marriage. It doesn't mean he wants to stay single, maybe he just wants to let things evolve slowly, without forcing the timing ;)
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Men are slow, be the aggressor!
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go straight and ask him I think 6 months is enough time to decide to ask a such question, don't wait
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