American History X
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I've recently seen American History X... that movie really got me thinking. I really invite you all to take a couple of hours off to watch it, it's a really deep and meaningful one.
Basically, it tells the story of some nazi skinheads, focusing on how one of them changes his personality over time and realizes how wrong his beliefs were.

What really got me thinking, was the influence that this nazi guy had on his younger brother, who saw him as an inspirational model and therefore considered everything he said as right and true, including racist toughts and violent actions.

I believe I am really lucky, because I grew up in a great family, without and extremist, racist or violent influence, but what about those who didn't? I think schools should be the first place where these problems are outlined and solved, but unfortunately this doesn't often happen.
Young minds are extremely easy to influence, that is a huge responsibility for families and the whole society.

Do you know any very young person who's been over influenced by someone he/she considers as an inspirational model?
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Hot Cocoa
I'm mostly influenced by my parents and they are very good people, I believe.

Another big influencer is the experience of studying abroad. This opened my eyes and broaden my horizons.

I highly recommend that if you have a chance to go abroad, just go ahead.
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