Dear my dogs
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Snoop, you are getting chubby lately. Stop eating all the time and run around once in a while. But the happy look on your face when you get food is so cute and priceless.

Lotus, I know you are stressed but you've been barking too much. Can you be a bit calmer? But thank you for cheering me up when I feel lonely.

I just love you all! Thank you being with me.

I like this topic! Here is my letter for my dog.

Max! I like your eyes. I like your short legs. I like your nice black hair.
Thanks for being with me.
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I love you little version of me...
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Whats the name of your dog? :D
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I do not have a dog, only a cat named witzy but he left me already :(((

Anyhow this is my letter for my cat

Dear Witzy,

I miss you so much and I think of you everyday. I know you are in heaven now and we will surely see each other again. I Love you so much :'((
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To my darling cat Simon, You have to stop running off. I don't want to hear you fighting the neighborhood strays then worry that you might have gotten hurt to bad for a small bandage this time. Please just stay home.
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lol funny stuff
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Your Lotus sounds like my Samson! My dog barks the minute I put him outside.

Samson, I love our snuggle time but you can't do it when the BF sleeps over, or you need to move to the foot of the bed. I can't believe you just turned one year old. Oh what a year it has been. I do regret that you couldn't become friends with Sandy the cat and she had to go live with Granny, I am so glad I got you this time last year :)
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My dog is lazy also she never plays with her toys and she is the offspring of two very well known show dogs.
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Brody, you're the best little guy I could have chosen - playful, snuggly, and so cute that you get tons of attention. I love you :)
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my dog looks really weird LOL
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sophie my dog is way to spoiled!
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Thanks for being such a sweetie. You light up our lives.
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Thug I love your black shinny coat and how you run into the water when we're on the beach
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Dear Jesse,
I'm sorry you can't run around so much right now, but the surgery should go well and then you can run around again. I'm so sorry we couldn't do anything but wait to ease your pain.
Thank you for being so awesome and never whining
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I love you you little cuddle bear. Stop shedding so much :)
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And to Pooky,
I love and miss you so much.
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I love this topic so much! I love dogs very much and I talk in such way so many times!
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I don't have dogs but I do have cats. Here is my letter to one of my cats.

Dear Frankie
I know you enjoy being fed and are prepared to do just about anything to be fed but, once or twice, it would be nice if you were pleasant to me when you did not want something.
Lots of love XXX
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nice one
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Heehee ya gotta love em!
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Luey, your barking can be quite annoying but when we play tug-a-war each morning it gives me a lift.
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Tom you are the best in the world .I like play with you.I love you...
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You are my best friend.I love you!!!
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