Goodbye, crybaby.
Snow Girl
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The boy living in my neighbor’s house is a crybaby. He is around two years old, but cries all day long from morning to night. In my home, we named him “Crybaby”.
As I see his young mother and father making every effort to soothe him, it brings back memories. I had a lot of trouble, too, when my kids were little.
My daughters, who at first were annoyed by the Crybaby, now feel familiarity with him and say, “I saw the Crybaby today in a supermarket. He wasn’t crying!” or “He was laughing cheerfully today!”, as if they feel like his elder sisters.

Today, that Crybaby moved to other city with his family. We miss him, but hope he will do well in a new city.

such a sweet story!
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I think you are a nice person. This topics reminds me that I was taken care of a lot of nice grownups.
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My son was a crybaby. He was crying all day long.
He is sixteen years old now. He doesn't cry anymore. Thinking back those days, it makes me cry somehow.
The crybaby is lucky because he has a nice neighbor like you.
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yes he will
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I think my neighbors probably called me with a similar nickname, because until I was about 2 I used to cry all night long unless someone stayed up to play with me! I loved to sleep in the afternoon, but I had already understood that night is when the fun begins! :)
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nice story you are a sweet person.
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he will , nice story , you are really very kind person
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Sweet story...
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